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Creation of all possible conveniences for users of our product is the only motto that drives our work and expresses our pursuits!

We are offering our next unique product as a clear evidence of the statement above. Judge yourself: what is the usual cause of all headaches of a paysite owner? These are unauthorized member's zone access and the routine time-consuming updates.

Our script will help you to get rid of these problems once and forever! Sounds unbelievable? But it will take you ... 10 minutes a month to "care about" a paysite! You will enjoy more pleasant occupations being absolutely sure that no rogue from a "free-password" site will not get access to your member zone and the last will be updated as often as you wish!

But all this leads to a more important find! Oh, there are a lot of people and their tastes differ. You may have lost hundreds of subscribers due to the wrong accents put in advertising and they never found out that the very thing they were in search of is just inside.
Now your problem is solved - you may make any number of paysites that will work on one script! Put different accents in free-tours, get the better of those braggers with dozens of paysites!

No additional knowledge and skills are required - just place content folders on server's ftp in a correct order and make the necessary records in the admin panel. WE will send you the detailed instructions and answer any question relating to the usage of script.

UNIQUE AWIZ FEATURES:  Available for all aWIZ editions (Lite, Gold, Deluxe)*
1. Any number of domains on one license! We don't restrict you how many sites within one physical server you will manage with aWIZ Paysite Manager Some of our clients manage more than 40 websites at once! It is easy and reliable with aWIZ.
2. Any number of member's zones manage with one admin-panel. You may have any number of member's zones and domains that will be located on one content base. Each meber's zone will be unique and different. You may set different content-priorities for each member's area.
3. Flexible schedule of updates. You may set any number of future updates by different schedule for each member's zone (for example, daily, three times or twice a week, weekly and etc...). You may set updates for any period in advance, even for a year!
4. High anti-hackers protection! Your member's zones will never suffer from "free-passwords" sites! You will be able not only to set the quantity of entries per day with the same password, ...but also set the URL to redirect all traffic that exceeds the limit! You may use this "free" traffic to easy boost your free sites!
* - Multi-domain feature unavailable in "Lite" edition.
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BASIC AWIZ FEATURES:  Available for all aWIZ editions (Lite, Gold, Deluxe)
1. General:
- Language separator. aWIZ protects your websites from the surfers from unwanted countries (by your wish). They will have no access to your site at all, and will be redirected at once where you wish;
- Templates method. Layout of your member's zone are easy "dressed"/edited, using few flexible templates;
- Cosy module-system. Majority of modules (like news, favorite section, votings, polls, banners etc) may be easy added to the any place, using simple macros.
- Content scanner: Each time you visit "Add set" page, aWIZ will scan content area on your server, and highlight new folders, which are not registered in the database yet. Now you may click on one of the links below folders, and its path will be automatically pasted to the set addition form! Also, using the links on the folders, you may easy move around your server.
- Search box: From now search box may be placed anywhere in the member's area using simple macros. aWIZ will search in keywords, sets names and sets descriptions.
2. Images:
- Automatic creation of all galleries and categories, using easy pre-set templates;
- Automatic creation of images thumbnails with the specified size (by width, or square);
- Automatic watermark addition to the images - to the place you have specified and with specified transparency level;
- Full size images may be opened as JPEG, or in html page.
3. Video:
- Automatic creation of all galleries and categories, using easy pre-set templates;
- aWIZ works with all known video formats;
- You can offer your members a stream video, or make it available for downloading.
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FEATURES AND MODULES, ADDED IN VERSION 2 and 3:  Available for all aWIZ editions (Lite, Gold, Deluxe)
aWIZ Password Assistant
New module "aWIZ Password Assistant" will simplify your control of the sites' "health". It will show the following summarizations:
- the number of active login/passwords;
- auto-blocked passwords (due to the IP limit exceeding);
- log-file of IP addresses;
- manual unblocking function for blocked passwords.
Thus you will always know if any of your passwords are stolen, and what passwords exactly.

aWIZ Voting & Favorite System
From now full size images may be opened in the html-page, where the voting and favorite buttons may be placed.
Voting results will be formed in the table, and may be placed anywhere in the member's area (on the main page, in the categories etc.) with the aid of addition easy macros to the page's code. Style of the "votings result" table are adjusted in a separate template with no restrictions.
By clicking on "Add to Favorites" button theimage will be added to "My Favorites" section. It is a picture/movies gallery, built individually for each username. Link to the "My Favorites" section may be placed anywhere in the member's area (on the main page, in the categories and etc.) with the aid of additional macros to the code of a page.
This module will allow you to learn more about your members' tastes and passions, as well as make your site more personal.

"Next update" announcement
This option allow you to show in the members area not only last updates, but also the coming update.
By the opinions of our clients such way will increase the members' interest, and will be an argument to continue membership.

Daily photo/movie rotation
Make your member's area more dynamic!
From now you may add the arbitrary number of images or movies, and they will be displayed for your members as a separate block by the following principle:
Day 1: 1.jpg, 2.jpg,3.jpg (or *.avi)
Day 2: 2.jpg, 3.jpg,4.jpg
Day 3: 3.jpg, 4.jpg,5.jpg
- etc.
The block in question may be added anywhere in the members area (on the main page, in the categories and etc.) with the aid of additional macros to the the code of a page. It's style is adjusted in the separate template.

Long text descriptions for sets
Additional field has been added to the set's attributes - now you may add not only set's name/short description, but also a long text, describing a set, model or scene in all colors, and make members more thrilled.

New friendly admin-area
The style and the layout of the admin-panel has been modified. We have collected the clients wishes and did our best to present you the most easy and ergonomic area for the comfortable work.

Frame-locking mechanism
One of the most guileful ways of mass penetration to the members area, is the usage of web-proxy. In such case all free visitors will get access to your member's area through hacker's web-proxy page (in frame), and any protection is useless: your system will record only one connection, with one username and from one IP-address, but at the same time, thousands of visitors will download even all your member's area!
aWIZ Paysite Manager will throw out your pages from any web-proxy or other illicit frames.

Banner rotation system
Now you may manage your banners - set any number and specify percentage for each of them. Also you may set other special rules for banners rotation. Then you may place rotation point anywhere you wish (in categories, galleries templates, other pages) using simple macros. aWIZ will replace macros with a proper banner. Separate section for banner rotation management has been added to aWIZ Admin-area.

News module
From now you will not be chained anymore with "last updates" block to place your news in member's area! News module may be easy edited through separate page in aWIZ Admin-area, and may be placed anywhere you wish with simple macros.

External updates list
Set's icons will be copied to the folder outside '/members', and become available to non-members. aWIZ will help you to build an additional "Last updates" page, which may be linked to your splash or free-tour pages, and will be available for all your visitors, to excite their interest to subscription.

"Post your pics!" system
Another great chance to make your member's zone mad-interactive! This module will allow your trusted members to post their own pictures to your member's area. You may set the limit of images, other limitations, set categories for pictures, easy set layouts, as always - using template, and will got one more section in member's area! Also aWIZ allow members to post their comments to any photo. Section may be moderated by you as a standard board (to delete some messages, to close topics, to lock a member and etc.).

Multi-language switcher
From now you may adjust up to 6 versions on different languages in member's area! !
It means, that a user will be able to switch to one of 6 languages, and will see all texts and navigation in the chosen language. The structure of member's area and content are the same for all languages.

Fixing banner to the specified gallery
It is a specific feature for correct cross sales from member's area.
It is useful in case you wish to add content from other paysite and to supply only this gallery with a banner of a proper paysite. How to do it? If you will add a standard "banner rotation" <include>-code to the gallery template, all banners, added to rotation, will be displayed in all galleries. It is incorrect decision. Therefore now, in process of the new set addition, you may (optional) fix only one banner (or banners group) for specified gallery.

Looped updates circulation
Removing and re-displaying sets after specified periods.
Long experience of our clients says, that members mostly don't stay in one site more than 3 months. Therefore, if some set will be removed from member's area after 3-4 months of publication, and then again displayed in "Last updates" - actually nobody will observe it. In such way you will get a fully automatic and always "updated" member's area for years!

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FEATURES AND MODULES, ADDED IN VERSION 4:  Available for all aWIZ editions (Lite, Gold, Deluxe)
Internal pages counter/Statistics
Script tracks all pages inside members area and displays detailed stats of all visits for last day or for any specified period.

Intermediate "Model's page"
If earlier the structure of members area on the whole had the following vision:

Now, you can in addition, get the following structure:

The sites built on the models' names principle - will find this innovation useful.

Including blocks of categorized content to the main page
In addition to the "Last updates" table and other existing features, now into the main page can be included the blocks of links (with thumbs) to the galleries from specified categories. The number of thums/links is variable for each such block separately.

Limited access for trial subscribers
From now, you can restrict access for trial members. They will see same complete members area, but in all galleries' pages special text will warn trial-members about limited access (you can edit this text).
Also you will set up, how much pictures from the beginning of the set and how much videos should be accessible for trial-members in the gallery. These items will be highlighted with a color border. The links on all other thumbs in the galleries will direct such members to the page with offer to upgrade membership(you can edit this text and URL of this page).
* - Usage of this option is not obligatory, so if you wish - you can still provide full access to trial-members.

Re-worked friendly templates section
During a number of years aWIZ constantly has improving but became more complicated. We have noticed that some clients at latter time has difficulties with templates addition.
Therefore we have totally re-worked templates section and made it more clear and simpler.
You can see demo of the new template section here

* - Complete list of changes and additions of Version 4 is here
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"Personal updates" system
From now you can update your members areas by one of two followings ways: by fixed dates of updates (as it was earlier), and new way is to display updates personally for each member! I.e., doesn't matter when member was subscribed, he will see 1-st update at the 1-st day, 2-nd update at the 2nd day and so on (or by another schedule, specified by you).
One more useful point: if you use the same content on the several sites where you give bonus-access to the members - you can randomly mix schedule of updates for each site, and the same set will never be published on the more than one members area, although they all still are taken up from the same list!

Advanced keywords' management
If you use many keywords and have many paysites - this new feature will be helpful. Now you can build "blacklist" and "whitelist" of keywords for each site! Namely, you can not only specified accepted keywords for the site, but set the "rules", for example:

Select for this site the sets which are marked with keyword "Teens" but at the same time are not marked also with keyword "Black"
Select for this site the sets which are marked with keyword "Teens" and at the same time are marked with keyword "Blonde".

It will help you to make more exact selection of the content for each site.

Models' database
This is new section, different than regular categories.
Now, in addition, you can built a directory of models, sorted in catalogue by alphabet, with personal Bio-pages and links to all model's sets.
Also this section (complete catalogue) may be displayed on the external pages, but thumbs and links will be linked to join page.
Note: from now is possible to choose photo from the set and to crop the thumb for model's bio-page directly in the admin panel. It will help you to select the best place of the best photo to better present the model.

Video screenshoots' maker
Now aWIZ can generates the galleries of screenshots from your video-files, and add these galleries as additional sub-gallery into the set's block (i.e., block of photo gallery, video gallery and gallery of screenshots). The only you have to do - is to fill some settings in the setup panel.
Now you can in addition, get the following structure:

2257 module
Now you can make the common folder with 2257 files (in some of the following extensions by your choice: PHP, HTML, JPG, GIF or PNG) and easily attach proper file to model's gallery on the set's addition stage. The link to the proper 2257 file will be appeared in the gallery.

Reworked "Post your pics!" system
From now when you approve some member to post his pictures in your members area, he will get email notification. You can edit the text of message. New submission form contain members name and email fields, and require some test pictures from member.
Also all members can place the comments to each published picture, and you can edit/delete some unwanted comments through the new section "Members comments" admin-panel.

Bonus access to more paysites
Now aWIZ can manage automatically access for your members to the more paysites. After simple adjustment, aWIZ will transfer the password of new subscriber to the sites, specified by you. More sites - more rebills and more profit for you!

* - Complete list of changes and additions of Version 5 is here
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Automatic gallery generation in a variety of additional sizes

Adding a photo set can now cause the script to automatically create copies of the given gallery in a variety of different sizes as specified by the user. Using this function will result in galleries shown within the member zone displaying several links below their thumbnails, one for each size variation (i.e. Large, Medium, Small)
If the administration panel is ever compromised (via hacking or a stolen password), the hacker will attempt to imbue the script’s templates with harmful code to spread a virus/trojan to the site’s members. Due to this, the security module will always highlight the last template modification date.

Another possibility is the entire server being hacked all together.
If this happens, a hacker will attempt to edit script and template files directly, without using the administration panel. This is why aWIZ constantly keeps all of its file modification dates under control. As such, upon finding a suspicious modification date, the script will display it in the administration panel.

Another common problem arises from some low-qualified developers altering the system’s global parameters while installing their own software, not being considerate of other scripts. In order to swiftly spot and halt such incidents, the Security Central will now display warnings about such global changes. If you run into such a message, change the displayed parameters back to their original settings.
Also added daily scanning and heuristics analysis for all aWIZ files and directories (including the administration and member zones) in order to identify harmful or suspicious code. The scan also checks .htaccess files for the presence of potentialy harmful rules. If harmful code is found, the user is notified in detail via e-mail and within the administration panel.

All member zone fields have been protected against harmful code injection/execution and direct database access.
Search engine crawlers are now forbidden from the administration panel and its parent directory, thus making it impossible to find for outsiders.
aWIZ Multi-cropper

This new module makes it possible to crop up to 10 icons per set with one operation. With the help of this module, it is now possible to create external reality-style pages (supporting up to 10 icons of different sizes per update). Also in the module is provided functions for increasing the quality of icons generated by the script. It is now possible to pre-set the desired sharpness, brightness, contrast and quality which will be automatically applied to the cropped icons..

Notification system
Implemented a new comfortable notification system within the administration panel. Clients can now receive important notifications from aWIZ developers, information regarding new comments or member support tickets as well as other important messages concerning the script’s operation

Favourite Sets
Added a Favourite Sets section that allows each member to practically form their own category of photo and video sets. Favourites statistics are now available in the form of two subsections: Favourite Pics/Movies and Favourite Sets.

* - Complete list of 100+ changes and innovations in Version 6 is here
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DELUXE FEATURES:  Available for Deluxe edition only
Members ticket-system
With time more fundamental importance get member's zone interactivity and attention to the members' wishes. In other words, invite your members to dialogue, and they will stay much longer! Therefore we considered reasonable to add the complete ticket-system for your members! Each of them can send to you comments or requests, and a member and you will able to backtrace each ticket.
Also this module provides all standard ticket system abilities, and will convince members in your careful and personal approach to their needs!

Advanced movie management
This option will allow you to add to one video gallery the same clips in different multimedia formats (by your wish, any from 9 major formats). Also you will be able to add to one gallery some clips in different quality - for different types of members' connection. Also you may add full-lenght movie into the gallery with cropped clips.

Advanced stories management
This option allows you to make the perfected stories section: for example, create sub-categories, and to place on its pages the titles and the announcements for each story. Also sub-categories and stories pages may be accompanied by illustrations. For convenience , the separate page has been added to aWIZ Admin-area in order to manage stories.

Daily external backup
Considering that MySQL database is one of the most vulnerable points on the server. To finally avoid a risk of data loss, aWIZ offers automatic daily database backup to the files (not into MySQL!). Moreover, to avoid situation, when wrong database will be backuped over previous normal data, aWIZ will make multi-cell storing of 7 last copies of the database!

A small block to the bottom of image-page has been added: slide-show control panel. From now member can open any image and start automatic rotation of the full-size images in the gallery; Using control panel, he can resize full-size images for:
- 800x600 screen resolution,
- 1024x768 screen resolution,
- 1/2 of original size,
- 1/4 of original size.
And also choose one of the 5 pre-set speeds. Slide show panel may be easy excluded by the siteowner's wishes.

Automatic video thumb creation
This newest module will automatically generate previews from your video-clips. It works with all major formattes of video files: avi, mov, mpg, wmv. Note, some extra formattes are acceptable also, but additional testing requires.
Preview will be extracted from the video clip on the specified second from the start of clip - thus you are free to set the most appropriate part of movie for thumb, and avoid creation a "black square"(as it makes some other scripts, extracting the first frame from the movie). You can specify any sizes of thumbs to be placed into your pages, but not higher than original video sizes.
Please note: Given module is on the final testing stage. And notwithstanding, that it works correctly and is ready to be delivered in the aWIZ package, some instability may be found. We ask you for patience in such case - our developers will do our best to fix bugs a.s.a.p. For proper work of this module MPlayer have to be installed on your server.

RSS support [NEW]
Added RSS support. It can be used to publish external updates and/or member zone news that site visitors can subscribe to.

Trailers support [NEW]
Now script can copy the trailer files from members area to external area and support the link to trailer in all major formats in the dynamical updates blocks at all external (free) pages.

Voting for models [NEW]
Added a new poll type for models. The results can be output onto the main member zone page. Model ratings can now be displayed under their icons within the model database.

Multilayer system for template backup and recovery [NEW]

Version 6 implemented a multilevel backup and template recovery module. Copies are saved daily. When too many templates accumulate over time, the administration panel’s main page will display a message proposing to delete unneeded old backups with a link to the page that will allow completing the operation. Recovering a template from backup requires browsing to the corresponding backup section by using the link on any template page.
Automatic member zone cloning system [NEW]

Implemented an automatic member zone cloning system. Adding a new site under the system’s control no longer requires manually moving the member zone scripts and other manipulations. The user now only needs to specify where the new member zone is to be placed and which site to take as a base for it
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FINANCIAL CONDITIONS:  Available for all aWIZ editions (Lite, Gold, Deluxe)
Money back:
During 30 days from the moment of payment, we provide any client with immediate refund or money back in the following fair cases:
- you will ground the discrepancy between aWIZ features, specified on this site, and the real aWIZ script's condition;
- client's server has non-standard configuration, which is incompatible with aWIZ.
In all other cases, please read attentively the script's info and the features before purchasing.

Please note: We do not provide refund for the case of incomplete or untimely installation due to the wrong data access (or server paths), given by a client!

Refund will not be provided in the following cases:
a) script's damage due to the neglect of User Manual, as well as wrong changing the script's settings by the client.
b) if execution of scripts functions is blocked by the any settings of client's PC software (antivirus, firewall, specific browser's settings and etc.)

3 Month installments:
From now you may pay license fee in 3 parts. aWIZ script will be installed immediately, after receiving the first part of payment. If you need payment by installments, please send us a request, and we will do our best to examine it a.s.a.p.
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aWIZ Lite

aWIZ Gold

aWIZ Deluxe
Open source
  Language separator Available Available Available Available
  Auto thumbnail genereation Available Available Available Available
  Auto watermark addition Available Available Available Available
  Automatic updates Available Available Available Available
  aWIZ Password Assistant Available Available Available Available
  aWIZ Voting & Favorite system Available Available Available Available
  Daily photo/movie rotation Available Available Available Available
  Banner rotation system Available Available Available Available
  News module Available Available Available Available
  External updates list Available Available Available Available
  "Post your pics!" system Available Available Available Available
  Multi-language switcher Available Available Available Available
  Internal pages counter Available Available Available Available
  Intermediate "Model's page" Available Available Available Available
  Limited trial access Available Available Available Available
  2257 module Available Available Available Available
  "Personal updates" system Available Available Available Available
  Multi-sized picture galleries Available Available Available Available
  Security Control system Available Available Available Available
  aWIZ multi-cropper™ Available Available Available Available
  Notification system Available Available Available Available
  Advanced keywords' management Available Available Available Available
  Manage unlimited websites Not available Available Available Available
  Models' database Available Available Available Available
  Auto video thumb creation Not available Not available Available Available
  Member zone cloning system Not available Not available Available Available
  RSS support Not available Not available Available Available
  Voting for models Not available Not available Available Available
  Video screenshoots' maker Available Available Available Available
  Slideshow module Not available Not available Available Available
  Members ticket-system Not available Not available Available Available
  Template backup and recovery Not available Not available Available Available
  Trailers support Not available Not available Available Available
  Advanced movie management Not available Not available Available Available
  Advanced stories management Not available Not available Available Available
  Daily external DB backup Not available Not available Available Available
  Open scripts code Not available Not available Not available Available
  License price €79
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* - Note for all US customers:
payments are accepted in US dollars via all payment systems we support.
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