aWIZ Crazy Mailer - Ultimate solution for organize newsletters for sites visitors

aWIZ Crazy Mailer allows you to collect visitors email addresses for sending news and your website reminders, periodically. It is well known that this mechanism allows to increase the project profit by dozens percents, because the majority of visitors do not become subscribers when they visit the website for the first time and this first visit may be their last one.

Nowadays, unstructured and irrational methods are used in spam war and, as a consequence, quite honest news mailing list may be enlisted to especially created list or spam bases. In order to reduce the risk of this negative influence on your project, aWIZ Crazy Mailer provides separate script (non-integrated in main panel of other aWIZ scripts). We strongly recommend to install it on separate hosting or under different domain name and unjustified spam insults will not influence negatively on your project main domain and hosting.

The script has two main anti-spam principles:
1. The subscriber is included in the base ONLY after he has entered personal confirmation code in the mail form. The code is sent to him after subscription.
2. The unsubscribing link is included in each e-mail that is sent. Attention: unsubscribing procedure contains only one step, that is, user needs only to click on the link included in the e-mail and its e-mail address will be deleted from script base immediately and irreparably.

aWIZ Crazy Mailer is provided in open code, giving a client an opportunity to make corrections in it. However, it should be mentioned we do not provide support and audit for script according to the aWIZ scripts license. Before making corrections in the script, it is recommended to save the copies of these files.

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