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What's new in version 6
1. Automatic gallery generation in a variety of additional sizes.
Adding a photo set can now cause the script to automatically create copies of the given gallery in a variety of different sizes as specified by the user. Using this function will result in galleries shown within the member zone displaying several links below their thumbnails, one for each size variation (i.e. Large, Medium, Small):

5. It is now possible to specify up to five different models for a single set as well as checking off existing ones parallel to adding new ones.

6. Keywords and model names can now contain several separate words.
2. Content creation/generation has been supplemented with AJAX/DHTML elements to make the user experience more comfortable.

3. Added automatic verification upon set creation that checks for incorrect directory and file attributes along with displaying corresponding user notifications.

4. The publication date selection form has been replaced with a dynamic calendar that also displays all dates already affiliated with publications:
7. The model name list now displays tooltips with model icons, making browsing far more comfortable with a large model database:

9. The new dynamic directory tree (the folder scanner) is in place, allowing for swifter and more optimal content creation.
8. It is now possible to add content via bulk import along with automatically generating thumbnails, icons, screenshots and alternate size galleries:
11. When using different content for each member zone, the “add set” form now features a swift selection option for content locations (the content path used to only be altered manually via the setup panel):

13. Added aWIZ multi-cropper™, which makes it possible to crop up to 10 icons per set with one operation:
12. Implemented a mask module for multi-type video mode. Aside from requiring files in multi-type video galleries to have certain types of names, the user can now specify the names personally. This is done by filling out the mask table, allowing the script to rename files as needed automatically when a set is added:

14. The full set description field size has been increased.
15. In order to block users with limited trial access from visiting prohibited pages by manually entering URLs, the system now contains a random content file renaming mode.

16. Added a controlled URL with trial account limitations. It can be added to billing post-back, allowing members to use a single URL to access the member zone while limiting trail users (trial users used to have a different URL for entering the member zone, which didn’t prove too effective).
17. Added a function that automatically removes trial account limitations before the trial period is over (in the event a member upgrades ahead of time).

18. Added additional content set access verification upon downloading it via a ZIP file, thus preventing users from downloading an unpublished set via a direct URL request.
19. Implemented bulk mode, allowing for the editing of details from 20 content sets on one page:

26. It is now possible to select all content sets from a specific domain for editing:

27. Content set details now display keywords with checkboxes, improving visualisation and making them easier to edit (the keywords were previously presented in a single text area and separated by semicolons, which lead to user mistakes during editing).
20. It is now possible to see content set statistics for a given condition: general, published or inactive.

21. It is now possible to specify the number of content sets to display on an editing page.

22. The data list now also displays all keywords specified for each set.

23. Default content set sorting bug fixed.

24. It is now possible to sort displayed sets via ID or date, either ascending and descending.

25. It is now possible to repeatedly generate icons, thumbnails, screenshots and different sized photo copies for any content set added earlier:
28. The system no longer requires register_globals to be enabled, thus lowering vulnerability.

30. Added daily scanning and heuristics analysis for all aWIZ files and directories (including the administration and member zones) in order to identify harmful or suspicious code. The scan also checks .htaccess files for the presence of potentialy harmful rules. If harmful code is found, the user is notified in detail via e-mail and within the administration panel.

32. Search engine crawlers are now forbidden from the administration panel and its parent directory, thus making it impossible to find for outsiders.
29. Added the ability to commit all file alterations if such files are marked as suspicious in the file modification section. This is useful when moving a script, which tends to cause the scanner to identify all files as altered.

31. All member zone fields have been protected against harmful code injection/execution and direct database access.

33. Added member pic section image upload verification, preventing the possibility of uploading executable code/scripts instead of a photo file.
34. Added a multilayer system for template backup and recovery.

35. All secondary templates that previously required manual file editing are now also editable via the administration panel:
36. The template editing page now displays template descriptions concerning the template’s purpose and member zone location along with a list of macros available for each field within a given templat:
37. Implemented an automatic member zone cloning system. Adding a new site under the system’s control no longer requires manually moving the member zone scripts and other manipulations. The user now only needs to specify where the new member zone is to be placed and which site to take as a base for it:

39. Improved the stolen password termination module. It is now possible to specify various masks for excluding required IP ranges from the list. The filters also no longer include ISP networks with users (site members) that have dynamic IP addresses.

41. Added a function that limits the amount of ZIP archives members can download over a period of 24 hours.

42. It is now possible to test e-mail addresses specified by users for receiving messages:

43. It is now possible to clear poll results for certain types or all polls at once.
38. Implemented an e-mail notification system for certain system events including the identification of harmful/suspicious code, members adding comments to galleries, members creating new support tickets and members being banned via IP-based security:

40. Added functions for increasing the quality of thumbnails and icons generated by the script. It is now possible to make use of a comfortable panel with scaling controls to set the desired sharpness, brightness, contrast and quality as well as the ability to see the desired result on a test image:

44. Added a module for mplayer testing for all primary video content types:
45. Implemented a new comfortable notification system within the administration panel. Clients can now receive important notifications from aWIZ developers, information regarding new comments or member support tickets as well as other important messages concerning the script’s operation:

48. Added a ZIP archive unpacking module. Photo and video sets can now be uploaded to the server within ZIP archives and unpacked via the aWIZ control panel.

49. The statistics script has been fully reworked. System resource loads have been greatly reduced, thus increasing the script’s performance.

50. Favourites statistics are now available in the form of two subsections: Favourite Pics/Movies and Favourite Sets.

51. Added a Cron Job management section. Unlike previous versions, it is now possible to use a single launch URL into cron and use this section to set desired cron functionality:

54. The Cron Job section now also contains an execution log that allows observing executed actions and making deductions regarding proper cron functionality.

56. Added the ability to set different sizes for photo and video gallery thumbnails.

58. Implemented “Next Updates” module support for external pages.

60. Implemented a watermark management system that makes working with them much more comfortable.

61. It is now possible to add new keywords directly within a given section without adding a new set.
46. It is now possible to add a Supervisor password: a password to the member zone that will provide the owner with all content elements under “Personal Updates” mode, independent of what date the password was created on:

47. It is now possible to use the administration panel to add/edit/remove members in the member zone (as long as the password file in the member zone directory is located at its standard location):

52. The administration panel now displays member comments to galleries, allowing viewing, editing and deleting them. The comment management section now includes three subsections: gallery comments, “Members Pics” section comments and member support tickets.

53. Administration panel loading time has been optimised by removing the dynamic content database re-indexing function upon loading, which is what had caused loading issues when the database was of a sizeable volume. Content data re-indexing is now done automatically once an hour and can also be launched manually at any desired moment:

55. Added RSS support. It can be used to publish external updates and/or member zone news that site visitors can subscribe to.

57. The Personal Updates™ system has been reworked.

59. Made it possible to display a certain group’s banners (for cross-sales) in any location amidst a gallery (the location used to be static) or picture page.
62. Cleared up the conflict between the self-verification system and the script’s own file alterations.

63. Fixed the lacking preview icon when adding a video set, which served to confuse users.

64. Fixed the contents of the page returned after committing set detail changes.

65. Added a description regarding model icon cropping at the first step of the process, which lead to some users being confused at first.

66. Fixed incorrect size output in the thumbnail generation report.

67. Adding a new keyword now displays a reminder message about its activation. Lack of such a message causes some newer users trouble.

68. Tooltips for icon, thumbnail, screenshot and alternate size photo generation now contain descriptions that make working with them more comfortable.

69. Switching from “Edit Sets” to “Bulk Edit” mode now saves selection parameters specified by the user.
70. Added text paragraph support to story pages.

71. Fixed a bug with content counters indexing IPOD videos and multi-type video gallery clips.

72. Added a confirmation request before deleting a domain from the setup panel and before deleting a set from the content database.

73. Fixed a few problems with complex content file names that lead to incorrect photo/clip sorting within galleries and the navigation on the Picture Page.

74. Fixed the “Advanced keywords” module algorithm that was in conflict with “Personal Updates” mode.

75. Fixed a conflict between the support ticket system and a number of system settings.

76. Fixed the lack of trial access limitation when viewing photos on the Picture Page.

77. Fixed the conflict that arose from including a news block into certain types of member zone templates.
78. Added new media player codes as well as flash and ipod movie support.

79. Added a Favourite Sets section that allows each member to practically form their own category of photo and video sets.

80. Members can now leave comments for all member zone galleries:

81. The Favourites section can now contain not only photos but video clips as well.

82. Screenshot galleries are now also available in regular mode (previously only available under “With selection page” mode).

83. It is now possible to specify a model’s name within update details.

84. Gallery pages now support an additional block of links to sets from the same category as the currently viewed set.

85. Added a new news archive section.

86. It is now possible to create a direct link to a video clip from an update on the main page and the category page (as long as a clip is present in the update).

87. It is now possible to create a category using several keywords in a URL.

88. Implemented the ability to create complex selections for a given category with the help of “AND” and “OR” operators between keywords within the category’s URL.

89. The support ticket system messaging history now displays names before messages, providing a more readable dialogue.

90. Added a new sorting type by rating.
91. The “Single list updates” section is now available not only for including on the main page but can also be displayed as a separate section within the member zone. This display method also includes the ability to divide the section into underlying pages in regard to the number of updates on a given page.

92. “With selection page” mode now automatically terminates underlying photo, video and screenshot gallery links if such a gallery is absent within the given content set.

93. It is now possible to display information about content types and the number of photos/clips both on the main page and within category pages amidst update details.

94. Model bio pages can now display the model’s icon, full description and other data.

95. The video clip page now automatically identifies and displays clip duration along with its file size.

96. Categories now feature a digital page navigation mode (previously only provided browsing via Prev/Next links).

97. Bio pages now also allow additional model set sorting methods: by publication date and by set ID.

98. Added support for up to 10 icons per set in all available publication locations both within and outside the member zone.

99. Added a new poll type for models. The results can be output onto the main member zone page. Model ratings can now be displayed under their icons within the model database.

100. Added additional poll result output sorting based upon the number of votes amongst results with identical ratings.

101. Gallery pages now contain a link to models’ bio pages.

102. Added the ability to display direct links to underlying photo, video and screenshot galleries under “With selection page” mode, bypassing the standard selection page.

103. Added a new macro for manually installing underlying page navigation within category pages, story sections and galleries.

104. Video galleries now display a direct links for downloading video clips (previous functionality allowed only linking to a streaming video page or a direct download link independent of each other).

105. External (free) site sections can now display dynamic updates both on the main page and tour pages with a specified offset. It is now possible to create external reality-style pages (supporting up to 10 icons of different sizes per update). Also added the ability to create a section for latest updates that breaks the overall list into pages.

106. Update details on the main page and category pages can now contain the given content set’s current rating.

107. Now script can copy the trailer files from members area to external area and support the link to trailer in all major formats in the dynamical updates blocks oat all external (free) pages.
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